Track & Tracing

About Track & Tracing

Track & Tracing refers to the process of tracking and monitoring the establishment that runs any operations regarding a unique item or property supply chain through its administration or any of its stakeholders (manufacturer, supplier, warehouse,  etc.).

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The Problems

  • Misplaced products in storage - Products are often put in the wrong location when it is received or while searching.

  • Mismatched products - There are cases where a product with the wrong ID is sent out, but in reality, the actual product still remains at the warehouse.

  • Counterfeiting - Can be something as simple as an infringement of intellectual property, to the sale of generic products under a different name, to the reuse of packaging or the manufacturing of counterfeit packaging designed to sell faulty or totally different products from those indicated.


A tag has been affixed to this packaging, giving it a unique and impossible-to-duplicate identifier. A simple photo makes it possible to recognize this identifier with certainty and confidence.

  • Informing the user about product characteristics (e.g.:  product details, ingredients, current and past location, etc.).

  • Sharing personalized content with customers.

  • Offering help with dosage and reminders of the time of treatment

  • Once a picture is taken, a geolocation option is activated, allowing the tracking of both genuine and counterfeit products.

  • Products can be located in real-time when they are scanned.

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  • Minimize revenue loss due to the aforementioned problems.

  • Protect consumers against harmful substances caused by counterfeiting.

  • Alert System - Any update on the status of the product will be sent through emails or notifications.